My Soul’s purpose in this lifetime is to Love. It’s what I do, it’s what I’ve always done, it’s who I am. I am Made to Love because I am Love.


The unfolding of my life path and Spiritual journey has transformed me into being the person that I wished I had in my life while I was growing up. 


I have become that which I desired most...


a Being who exudes Love and offers a safe space for the beautiful Souls the Universe brings across my path. Perhaps you’re here reading this because I was made to Love, support, encourage and you on your Spiritual journey and path of awakening. Perhaps it’s the perfect time in the process of your evolution for someone to see you, understand you and hold space for you.

Awakening to my purpose started with me first...

Coming to know my true self and wholeheartedly unconditionally loving her for the first time ever. After three years of an intense, crazy beautiful, healing journey filled with more awakening, discovering and transforming. Here I am, whole, healed, complete in myself and overflowing with more love than ever.

I had to walk my own path in my own time

I had to feel and face everything head on, put in the time and effort and also the space, grace, and rest. Although no one could do any of this for me, although no one could walk my path for me, that didn’t mean I had to do it all alone. I am beyond grateful to have had love, support, encouragement, and guidance along the way.

I’ve come to see that we are all made to love, it’s not just my purpose, it’s yours too!

We were all made to love

Because we are love! More than ever before people are awakening and discovering their true brilliance, their magnificence, their worth and their Light. Being made to love starts with first loving yourself and out of that overflow you love others out of a place of abundance and independence instead of lack and codependency.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe

This Love that pours out of you and into others is what changes, heals and transforms people’s lives, which in turn changes, heals and transforms the planet.

How people love is as unique to them as their fingerprint. So as you learn to love yourself, you will start to determine your “love print”, the authentic and open way your heart loves. Your love print will have such a profound impact on others because it will be a pure expression of the true love inside of you.

I know you can do this (insert whatever is it you desire to do…have…feel), but you don’t have to do it alone. I see you, I got you, I love you. And I know I’m not the only one. There are so many other Souls on all different parts of their path on this ever evolving journey we call life. I know you’re here on purpose and you have a great purpose.

And this brings me to the Made to Love Movement, which is Love in action.

Made to Love Movement is threefold:

1) It’s about waking up or becoming aware that you were made to love, because you are Love! And that it all starts with you loving yourself first so out of that overflow you can love others.

2) It’s about recognizing and leaning into your own unique ‘Love Print’, the authentic and open way your heart loves.

3) It’s about cultivating a community of brave Lightworker Love warriors who want to connect with other heart centered Souls to love, support and encourage them in their evolutionary journey and to remind them they’re not alone.

How to join the Made to Love Movement:


1) Post a pic or video on your Instagram or Facebook feed (you can also save and post the picture below) with the declaration in your caption, “I am made to Love”.

2) Share a little bit about yourself, your story, or what your unique Love Print is.

3) Be sure to use the hashtag #MadeToLoveMovement so your post can be easily found!

That’s it!

I truly believe we’re better together. Love breeds more love. No matter where you are in your journey you can never have enough love, support and encouragement from fellow Light bearers. I look forward to seeing and reading your posts!

I love you!

xo, Kristin

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