• Kristin Anne

Created for Community

We weren’t meant to do life alone, we were created for community, the need and desire to love and be loved is embedded in every strand of our DNA.⁠⠀


Sometimes seasons of life can cause you to be so desperate for this connection and companionship that you allow anyone into your life even though you may not be the best fit for each other; out of survival and necessity you stay and allow the relationship to continue even though it’s toxic and detrimental to your health and overall wellbeing.⁠⠀


Even though you know it’s better for you to part ways from these types of relationships, removing people like this from your life doesn’t make it any easier or any less painful. If you have relationships in your life that are no longer serving you, maybe today is the day you have the energy and capacity to make a shift and initiate change.⁠⠀


From experience I know letting people exit your life creates the space for new ones to enter. Perhaps it starts with one thought…believing you deserve better, believing you deserve the best. Because you do!⁠⠀


Express an elevated vibrational frequency and become the energy you want to attract, and you will find your person and your people. Raise your vibration to the beautiful, strong, confident, powerful and magnificent one-of-a-kind Soul in form that you are Designed to Be and you will meet equally incredible Souls in return who will not only match your Light and Love, but who will take it to new levels. ❤️


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