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Divine Timing

All is coming, Beloved. There’s a point to the process and journey for you to not only come to trust yourself, but to trust in Divine Timing. Everyone’s path is so unique and unfolding just as it needs to be for your next greatest and highest evolution of consciousness. Human Design found me at a time in my life after I had already spent two years awakening, healing, aligning and remembering the Truth of Who I was. I had utilized other tools, pathways and avenues. I had used other healing and energy modalities in my journey to the emergence of my true essence. I vividly remember my experience when Human Design was introduced to me. I looked at my Chart, and said, ‘Hmm’… and set it down on my desk. There was something about seeing my Chart that stirred something within me to learn more, but after doing some research and reading, everything I saw, read, and heard just did not resonate with me on any level…the language being the most glaring dissonance. And so after a few weeks of research, I put it all off to the side for what would come to be a total of 7 months. Then in Divine (perfect) Timing, I just so happened to be introduced to Karen Curry Parker and everything changed. The timing was right, I not only resonated with Karen as a person, but with how she taught and explained Design, the language she used and how she too said, over and over when explaining a profile or gate, the traditional language for this particular aspect didn’t resonate with her either and she liked to use “this word” instead… the fire was lit, I received a reading from Karen and based on what I shared with her, she said Design chooses you and if it’s a part of your path in the way that you think it is, it will make a way for you. Lo and behold a month later, there just so happened to be a sale on Karen’s courses and as a birthday gift to myself I bought the ‘vault’ and dove in head first. Learning HD confirmed everything I had already awakened to, discovered and remembered about myself, it allowed me to go even deeper into trusting myself and lean into fully expressing what I already sensed within myself. It deepened my already existing experience of how I viewed and loved myself, the people in my life and the world. When Ra, the founder of Human Design, first shared his transmission of this system, he did so in a way that penetrated and shocked people into waking up. He needed to speak into the ‘Not-Self’ or the inauthentic Self in order to quickly get people’s attention and it worked. Everyone has something that is the catalyst to their awakening, to their remembrance of the Truth of Who They Are, for some it’s meeting Design, for others it’s a series of cataclysmic events and other modalities. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad… it’s simply how our unique journeys play out. As I previously mentioned, I truly do not resonate with any of the traditional Human Design language….and I know I’m not the only one, which is one of the million reasons why I am so grateful to have found Karen, because she has followed her Truth in the way that she has evolved, expresses, transmits and teaches the art of Design. And through Karen and the community she’s created, I’ve also found some of my most cherished Soul Sisters and I am so deeply grateful for that as well. Karen personally knew and worked with Ra, and after 21 years of teaching Human Design has been Divinely inspired and guided to do what Ra wasn’t given the time to do, because he suddenly passed away from a heart attack in 2011, and that is to share the flip side of this beautiful tool…to speak and share this knowledge with empowering, higher vibrational frequency language, what Karen calls, Quantum Human Design. (Her new book with all of the new Quantum HD language will be out the end of summer/early fall 2020.) I personally don’t see Design as a complicated or complex system, it’s just A LOT of information, and how do you digest and integrate A LOT of information? One bite at a time, just like you would eat a huge plate of food…one bite at a time, savoring each piece and giving it time to digest (integrate) before you go back for more! I encourage you to keep in mind that no matter when Design found you, it was the perfect time, in the perfect way and understanding or sharing this knowledge in your own Authentic interpretation and expression isn’t right, wrong, a competition with other teachers, or another way to judge ourselves or play the comparison game. If you know your Design, then you know Who You Are, you know how special, magnificent and one-of-a-kind You Are, and how incredibly important you and your purpose is to Humanity and the entire Cosmic Plan.

(Oh and in case you didn’t know, your purpose is Who You ‘BE’, not what you ‘do’. It’s for you to be the fullest and highest expression of your Authentic Self…you don’t have to compete or compare yourself against others for that Role, it was created, Designed, just for You, you’re the ONLY One that can play it.) All is coming, surrender sweet Soul to trusting in the Divine Timing of the unfolding in your Life Story. Remain open to the infinite possibilities that await you, the Universe has your back. You are seen, you are supported, you are Loved, always. xo, Kristin


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