• Kristin Anne

Don’t Waste Your Genius

If someone is not listening to the incredible insights and wisdom you’re trying to share, pause...take a deep breath and realize it’s not personal, it’s not about you; they’re just not ready to receive it yet. So don’t push it or try to force it, because when we do that in any area of our life we’re out of flow, out of alignment with Divine timing. ⠀

Don’t leak energy thinking this is your only shot to share your brilliance. Trust the process, your journey, and the timing of it all. ⠀

Projected energy, any energy in your Design not connected to a motor, needs to be recognized and invited out of you...when you’re asked to share your wisdom, your genius, then you know the ones who are asking are ready to hear it and receive it, and it will be positively transformative and life-changing in all the best of ways.⠀

You are magnificent, there’s no one else quite like you, you will have your time, in your right place, with the right people. ⠀

Be patient. All is coming. ✨❤️


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