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give yourself this gift

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

give yourself the gift of space

Years ago when I first started yoga I wanted to give myself my own practice space. A simplified clear space to lay down my mat and flow or sit and be still for inner self-reflection.

Side bar: If the mere thought of slowing down and being still without your phone, TV, or computer in front of your face makes your skin crawl, that’s a clear indicator it’s exactly what you need.

When my home practice evolved into practicing at a studio I still kept my space and have come to believe whether you practice yoga or not everyone should give themselves this gift.

I’m going to share with you the last four spaces I created for myself in other places I’ve lived and then my most current one. Oh and I should mention this in case you’re wondering what you’ll need for this space? You need….nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing.

In fact, you’ll be removing things that are already there so you can get to nothing. It doesn’t matter the size of your home or apartment or room. I have been able to create this space in a large house, small apartment and when I was living in only 1 bedroom! There’s no excuse to not give yourself this gift. It’s possible no matter the size of your living quarters.

Simplifying your life starts with realizing you don’t need all of the things you have if you’re not using them. If the things are in good condition, sell them or donate them. The condition of your home and the rooms in it directly affects your mind and nervous system. How do you except to unwind, calm down, relax, destress and destimulate if your home is cluttered or you don’t have one cleared spot to do this in. Is every square inch covered with something? Does every wall have something on it? Every corner something in it?

Despite what TV and Pinterest shows you, you don’t need to fill every nook and cranny of your home with a piece of furniture, picture, plant, table, shelf, etc. Creating space gives you room to breathe, just the word space makes me want to take in a deep inhale and exhale. Do that with me a moment, take a deep breath in through your nose, and then let it out. Ah, space, clear empty beautiful space.

It’s hard to come by and depending on where you live, especially if you live in a city, you may feel this even more. Things, people, buildings everywhere, the constant hustle and bustle, everything and everyone so busy.

we need more time to rest

Everything is energy including us. If you don’t do this already, start to look at your living space energetically. The more stuff, things, clutter you have surrounding you, the more dense, heavy and weighed down the energy field is around you.

we don’t need to add any more to our lives, we need to subtract things from them

This could simply be the reason your healing and integration process is so slowly moving or maybe it’s even stuck because it’s actually being blocked by all the stuff you’re surrounding yourself with on a daily basis.

emotional and energetic decluttering

Clearing space, moves the energy in and around you. This gift of space invites you to align with your breath, come to stillness and it enables and expedites your soul’s expansion. Removing distractions and freeing up space externally, promotes openness and healing internally. Our ego wants more, more, more and yet our Soul’s expand with less.

more is not better

We’ve been conditioned to believe that less equals lack, that we’re missing something if we don’t have more, but that’s a lie. More does not equal status or worth. More keeps us in a loop of wanting more and never being satiated. More gives us more to do, more to manage, more to clean. Let us be fulfilled with less.

The ego wants more and it’s always searching for more, the soul experiences more through less. Less time on social media, less time watching TV, less time watching the news or taking in information, and even less time interacting with others.

it’s not about what we add, but what we dare to subtract

Simplifying bores the ego and it bores the ego because it takes it out of power. When we take the ego out of power we make space for the Light of our Soul to come forth. Giving ourselves this gift of space, of removing distractions, and taking in less information now allows for Universal Truth to come through and you’ll be able to hear and receive it.

You can start integrating inner peace through radical simplicity and you can begin today by giving yourself the gift of space.

Space #1

This is the first space I created in a loft of my home. How did I do it? I simply removed everything that was in it, including anything on the walls.

Here’s the other side of the loft for reference.

Space #2

Then I sold my home and moved to an apartment. I definitely had less options of places to create my space, but I didn’t let that stop me. I had one room and I used one half as my office and the other as my cleared space. When I first moved into that room I had my office on the right and my cleared space on the left.

This is the left side of the room and on the right was my office

The picture below was taking from the doorway of the room. As you can see, it’s not very big at all, but definitely enough to create empty space. Then I decided I wanted to swap sides and make the right side my empty space and the left my office. And so I did.

Pictures don’t always show the whole picture ;)

See, that’s the door to this room. You don’t need to have a large room or a whole separate room dedicated to empty space. You can simply have one side of one small room. See the pic below for another angle of this side of the room. The picture was taken from the doorway you see above, but with the door open.

Space #3

Then I moved again. Instead of having my own place, I super downsized to having only one room. That’s right, one small single room for me and my stuff. I was still determined to make a cleared and empty space for myself because I knew how vital it was to keeping my inner peace and in expediting and integrating my healing process.

The next few photos will show how it appears you need a large room or home to create this space in, but let me remind you that I was living out of this one small bedroom in a shared apartment and still created this space.

See the next few pics below for a contrast of what you see versus what you don’t, to show you how creating this space is possible no matter the dimensions of your living space.

what you see - looks like a lot of room

behind the scenes - the corner of empty space

what you see

behind the scenes

And one more just for fun.

what you see

behind the scenes

If I haven’t shown you enough proof you can create this space for yourself anywhere, let’s look at my next home.

Space #4

My next space was created after I moved into an apartment with my beloved. Even though there was more square footage than the one room I was living in prior I still had to be creative. Once again I created my office on one side of the room and our empty space on the other side.

Left side empty space. Right side office space.

Space #5

And last, but not least our current space. When we moved into our house we were grateful there was already a space we knew that we were not going to fill with anything. It was going to be our designated empty space and although we’re yogis and love having this space to practice and take pics in, we also love that there’s a cleared space to play like crazy with our fur kids, and they love it too!

Eventually we’ll probably get a vinyl on one of these two walls, but that’s about it!

If you haven’t already, then give yourself this gift today. Start clearing out and simplifying a space just for you. You will immediately begin to feel in your body how it shifts and clears your energy, this translates into a shifting and clearing of your mind space and inner peace now has a place to expand along with your Soul.

I love a good before and after photo so please feel free to share them with me. You can comment here or tag me on social. Happy simplifying!

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