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HD Energy Types

Updated: Jan 17

Most of us aren’t raised to really live out the full power and potential of Who we are. We’re taught to just go out into the world and make things happen, “just do it.”⁠⠀


We’re all powerful Creators, but in order to use our power in the most efficient and best way we need to know and understand how we operate. ⁠⠀


Your Human Design Type shows you exactly how to create and live in a way that is most empowering, fulfilling, dynamic and successful. ⁠⠀


Your Type is the hard wiring of your energetic configuration and your unique way of interacting with the world. Each Type has a unique decision making Strategy. Knowing your Type and Strategy can help you develop the confidence and trust in your capacity and ability to make reliable and correct decisions for yourself. ⁠⠀


Each Type has a different role and different way with interacting with others and the world. ⁠⠀


The 5 energy Types are the: ⁠⠀

Initiator ⁠

Orchestrator ⁠⠀

Alchemist ⁠

Time Bender ⁠

Calibrator ⁠⠀


Just as we are growing and evolving so is the language of Human Design. It is being mutated, transformed and expressed into language that carries a more expansive, expressive, higher vibrational frequency, and comprehensive understanding along with it. The second pic shows the traditional HD names of the 5 energy Types. ⁠⠀

Quantum Human Design, Copyright © 2019 Karen Parker. All Rights Reserved.


I’m wondering if you know your energy Type or if you have any questions regarding your Type?

Quantum Human Design, Copyright © 2019 Karen Parker. All Rights Reserved.


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