• Kristin Anne

Here’s the Truth

If I continued to live out the story of lies and limiting beliefs I used to eat on the daily, I certainly wouldn’t be alive today. I refused to stay trapped in fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame and pain…and so I healed. And so here I am. Pouring my heart out to you in this new video.

For the past 11 years I’ve been loving, guiding, encouraging and supporting special Soul’s the Universe has brought into my life. It’s been a unique evolving journey together as I too have grown and evolved over the last 11 years, but one thing that’s never changed is my ability and capacity to Love, support and encourage. And now it’s what I continue to do, one on one, through the modality of Human Design.

In this real, raw, open and vulnerable video I share with you a list of reasons I could have to not put myself out there, if I chose to live out the lowest expressions of my energetic definition, but I don’t. So I’m here and I want to make sure my intentions are clear, so please watch through to the end. With all Love & Light, Kristin xo

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