• Kristin Anne

Love is Everything

Love is everything. It is the foundation upon which my life is built. This Love must start from within so that in can flow and pour out and into every area of our reality.⁠⠀


Through understanding the beautiful and brilliant way we are Designed we start to fall in love with our uniqueness on a deep level. If we want to be the change we wish to see in the world--this Love Revolution has to first start within and then it transcends to others. ⁠⠀


Love in action is the beginning--it’s a rewrite or reframing of our own story. I encourage you to literally put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write out your story. Write what it has been up until this point and where you want it to go. Then sit back, take in a deep breath, let it out, and read your story out loud! ⁠⠀


I’ve done this exercise and it is awesome. My story had a total major plot twist! Does yours? I’d love to read or hear it if you’d like to share.⁠⠀


I am Made to Love, it’s what I do, it’s Who I Am and I’m literally here to love, encourage and support you in living out your magnificently unique Life and Soul Purpose in this lifetime. ⁠⠀


Hugs & Kisses from Me and Miss Daisy! ❤️🐾⁠ (and Tank too, he’s just too big to fit in my lap! 😅🐶)

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