• Kristin Anne

Off the Cuff with Kristin - Ch. 4

For most of my life I lived out a narrative that I didn’t know I had the power to change because I believed I was powerless, worthless, useless. Until one day I intimately met all the layers and versions of ‘me’ and I had some vital words with each one.

“We will all be betrayed in our lives and we will all do a great betrayal to rejoin who we are.” - Carolyn Mason.

And Mark Groves states,

“We will all betray someone at some point in our lives in order to come home to ourselves.”

We are not the things that have happened to us, we are not the things we’ve done. We are the Divine essence of pure Light. What layer or version of yourself do you need to meet? And what do you need to say? If you’re struggling for a place to start I’d first look to the Openness in your Chart. Message me or comment with any questions, I would love to respond to them. All my Love, Kristin xo


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