• Kristin Anne

Pieces + Parts = A Whole

We need to understand and know each piece and part of a Chart so that when we put it all together the complete synthesis makes sense.⁠⠀


There are so many similarities in the parts and pieces, but when you put them all together and look at your specific Design, no one else is exactly configured like you, you are so unique, you’re literally one-of-a-kind. ⁠⠀


And I’d really hate for you or someone else to dismiss Design just based off 1 or 2 things that didn’t seem to ring true for you or them because you didn’t realize or understand that there is so much more to your Design than only hanging on to the pieces and generalities we teach in. ⁠⠀


There is so much more to our Design as Human Beings, that shows us the truth, understanding and complete picture of Who we are and why we’re here, when we synthesize all of the pieces into the Whole.⁠


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