• Kristin Anne

Relationships by Design

It’s difficult to find the words when it comes to my Beloved because what I see and how I love isn’t really something that can be articulated or in my opinion, do the depth, magnitude or expansiveness of it all any justice. In my safe space, filled with gratitude and peace, sleeping fur baby angels right by my side, I can’t help smile when I reflect on this journey, our journey, this beautiful crazy unpredictable ride. ⁠⠀


Our story reminds me daily how the Universe has my back, always. How what I want or desire pales in comparison to what Source has for me in just the perfect timing. I am reminded to slow down, surrender and to trust the process. That when life unravels, falls apart, and you come completely undone it’s positioning you to be in the perfect place to rebuild, healed and whole, in alignment with the truth of Who You Really Are. ⁠⠀


People want to know how to have a successful relationship or what’s the secret to being married for x amount of years and so on. What if you were given a manual that told you everything about your Lover? Would you read it from cover to cover? ⁠⠀


Learning and understanding the unique Design of my Beloved gave me the words to the feeling, sensing and knowing I already had about him. And because I see and understand him at this depth it only makes us closer, stronger, more gracious, compassionate and loving towards one another.⁠⠀


What would the world look like if we all saw and treated each other this way?⁠⠀


It’s one thing to know and understand yourself by Design, but then to take that knowledge and see how it can transcend into your relationships is mind blowing. Understanding what is happening on an electromagnetic level in relationships or when we come together with others will change the way you see and “be” in those relationships forever.


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