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Strategy by Type

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Every energy Type in Design has a specific Strategy. A Strategy is a unique way of making decisions and taking action in the world. ⁠⠀


Strategy is the MOST IMPORTANT knowledge piece to put into play, practice and experiment with living out in your everyday life. ⁠⠀


If you’re not following your Strategy it’s like trying to build a house and telling the builders to skip pouring the concrete for laying the foundation because you want your house built without it. ⁠⠀


Your Strategy is your personal way to make effective decisions in your life, just like laying the correct foundation will allow a sturdy, secure home to be built upon it. These are important key pieces that you choose to commit to or not. ⁠⠀


Your Strategy gives you key information about how you operate your Human vehicle in the world, how to make the right choices with less resistance and how to recognize when you are on the right path or out of alignment with your Truth. ⁠⠀


Learning to effectively follow your Strategy can take months or years of practice.⁠⠀


Where are you in this process? Are you living by your Strategy?

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