• Kristin Anne

Surrender Series

I’ll be heading into my 5th year of practicing yoga. Soooooo much has changed over the last five years...EVERYTHING has changed, but the one thing that has not is my love for my practice and it’s what’s kept me grounded time after time in the midst of every single thing around me changing. ⁠

I'm a passionate, driven and resilient Time Bender. It’s so important for all of us to move our body and shift our energy, but especially for those of us with Defined Sacral’s, we need to be physically active in some capacity to burn our energy so we can sleep and rest our best at night. ⁠⠀

I’m active in other ways, but nothing has my heart like meeting my mat and even that’s varied over the years from an at home practice to heated & not heated studios. Regardless of location, my favorite part of every practice is the Surrender Series. ⁠⠀

My beloved and I go to a heated studio. I love it when 45-ish minutes into the 60 minute class we hear, “Okay one more side and then we’re down on our mats.” Ahh, yes, the surrender series is ever so sweet after working your ass off physically and pushing beyond your limits mentally, herein comes the Spiritual for me. ⁠⠀

⁠Body is tired, monkey Mind is quiet and as we do our final poses a few things arise, like how my body is the vehicle for my Soul and I’m so grateful to be able to do all the things I do to try and keep it healthy.

What also comes to my awareness in this sweet space of surrender on my mat, is a reminder of one of our greatest challenges as Humans, especially the Time Bender Types, learning how to surrender to Time, because we’ve been conditioned to force or make things happen in our timing.⁠⠀

As a Time Bender, we can influence time, but we can’t control it. We must come into alignment and surrender to Divine/Universal Timing in order to minimize the momentum of the energy of frustration.⁠

We ALL need to learn to let go of our attachment to time, surrender and trust the process. The Universe has our back.⁠⠀

Anytime you want to slow down, ground your energy & remind yourself to have more faith in Diving/Universal timing you can try these surrender series poses. ❤️


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