• Kristin Anne

The 2 Pressure Centers

The BodyGraph shows us that there are 2 pressure centers in our Human Design; the Head Center and the Root Center. (The Root is also a Motor Center)⁠⠀


The configuration of the pressure centers in a BodyGraph helps us to understand what kind of pressure we may be experiencing in our life. It gives us new ways in which we can work with this pressure in order to reduce stress and make more relaxed choices when following our Strategy, and that are in alignment with what actually feels good and correct to us.⁠⠀


• The Head Center: When it’s Open/Undefined, you may feel and experience a pressure to figure things out or feel like you need to find the answers to all of your questions.⁠⠀


• The Root Center: When it’s Open/Undefined you may experience the adrenaline energy as pressure to get things done so that you can “be free” of all the ’things to do’. Sometimes this leads to making quick decisions that may not be the best choice in order to avoid feeling the pressure or stress. You can also feel intense pressure when you’re around people who have a Defined Root Center, you can feel like they’re pressuring you and they’re actually not, it’s just energy. ⁠⠀


When these Centers are Defined, you may still experience ‘pressure’ here, but it’s not as intense compared to those who have either of these Centers Open/Undefined. Having this awareness allows us to know and understand what we may be feeling and experiencing, and why. Then we’re able to work with this energy and of course not take things so personal, because we know it’s not personal, it’s just energy, we can be more gracious with ourselves and with others.

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