• Kristin Anne

The 4 Motor Centers

The BodyGraph shows us that there are 4 motors in our Human Design; the Will Center, the Emotional Solar Plexus Center, the Root Center and the Sacral Center. The motors that are Defined in your BodyGraph will show you the kind of energy you have consistently in these Centers. ⁠⠀


• The Defined Will Center works to rest. This is the center where your willpower is located. It’s the energy for managing, allocating and creating physical resources. It has the endurance to work for short periods of time, meaning it’s an energy that requires cycles of rest and for you to NOT continue to push through in your willpower energy. Work, rest, work, rest...repeat. ⁠⠀


• The Defined Emotional Solar Plexus (ESP) is where our emotional energy works in waves. This energy cycles through an inward integration and outer expression that often influences our mood, meaning when the mood is right, this is the energy and time for creating. The ESP has 3 types of waves; individual (high highs-low lows), tribal (small undulations) and collective (slow ride up, deep plummet down). ⁠⠀


• The Defined Root Center works in pulses. This is where our adrenaline energy is located and it’s the energy that gives us an adrenaline push to ‘do’ or move forward. This energy cycles in on and off pulses.⁠⠀


• The Defined Sacral Center provides sustainable life-force and work-force energy. This is the energy for working, nurturing and sexuality. This energy can keep going and working without breaks or rest and needs to be ‘burned out’ by the end of the day in order for the Defined Sacral Being to sleep well.

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