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The Alchemist

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Alchemist, you are the workforce and life-force energy on the planet, the builders and doers of the world. You represent 33% of the population.⁠⠀


You are here to become masters of what you respond to do and create. If you are patient and wait to respond to what shows up in your outer reality, instead of trying to figure things out with your mind in regard to what you should be doing, you will become fully activated in your purpose. ⁠⠀


You may feel frustrated often because you know you’re here to do something that fulfills your full potential and things aren’t moving fast enough. You’re conditioned by the world to use your thinking and the power of your mind to set your path to mastery, BUT the truth is that your path is revealed to you by the world outside of you! It takes faith and understanding on how to connect to that path correctly to align yourself with your destiny and ultimate fulfillment of your potential. ⁠⠀


You need to wait for things to show up in your outer reality that is a sign and confirmation that it’s the right idea to take action on.⁠⠀


Quantum Purpose: To physically manifest form and mastery on the material plane. ⁠⠀


Strategy: Wait to respond. Wait for something to show up in your outer reality in order for you to respond. ⁠⠀


Emotional Theme: Frustration due to momentum. You may not feel like things are moving fast enough for you. You have a stair-step learning curve and will hit plateaus, but don’t quit, you’ll have a breakthrough and reach mastery. ⁠⠀


Potential Challenge: Endurance and waiting on Diving Timing.

Quantum Human Design, Copyright © 2019 Karen Parker. All Rights Reserved


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