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The Defined Ajna Center

The Defined Ajna Center is colored in green. The Defined Ajna is designed to hold information. It is trustworthy and reliable, but it is fixed in how it works. It's important to remember that the mind is a great resource, but it is NOT a place to make deci­sions, no decisions should come from the mind.⁠⁠ That’s what your Strategy & inner-authority is for (Strategy for Calibrators since they don’t have an inner-authority). ⠀

If your Ajna is Defined, try playing and experimenting in your relationships to only share or speak what’s on your mind if you’re asked to share or if someone asks you what you think, especially if it’s giving your opinion.

This works both ways, you can also ask, “Hey, would you like to hear what I think?” Or “Can I share something that’s on my mind with you?” You May find that what you have to say is more well received. ⠀


Affirmation for your Defined Ajna: “I am gentle with my thinking and always remember that there are many ways to think about information. I am uniquely capable of being certain. I listen carefully to the thoughts of others and allow for limitless thinking with grace.”⁠

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