• Kristin Anne

The Defined Identity (G) Center

In 1781 the Heart Chakra split in two, the Identity (G) Center & Will Center. ⁠

We calibrate our heart by virtue of the quality of love that we are experiencing for ourselves and in our lives. Not just love, love and acceptance. Self-Love and Self-Acceptance really are the big energies associated with the G Center. ⁠

Self-acceptance is really the theme of the Soul curriculum when our G Center is Defined. Both Self-Love and Self-Acceptance are calibrated by the Gates of the G Center. ⁠

We are designed to take our direction in life or what we attract into our life based on the magnetic resonance field of our heart that is an attractive force otherwise known as the Magnetic Monopole. ⁠

We attract into our life things that match the quality of Love that we have. The highest expression of all the archetypes amplifies the potential direction that our life takes us. ⁠

The more we know and understand these energies and live out the optimal expressions the richer our life gets and the richer the things we attract gets. ⁠

Love, in one form or another, is what life is all about. This feeling of separation is what drives us to look outside ourselves for love, trying to get a sense of where we are going and who we are in relation to others. We are trying to become worthy of the illusive love we seek.⁠

The truth is that everything has been right here within us all along; we do not have to look outside ourselves to discover who we are, or where to go to find Love. The G Center holds Love. Love is the force that permeates and binds the universe, pulling everything toward a state of oneness again.⁠

Surrendering to the direction of our form is how we are designed to experience the fullness of that Love. We are not here to be loved, but to BE Love.⁠

Affirmation for your Defined Identity (G) Center: “I am who I am. I express myself in all that I do. I celebrate the magnificence of who I am.”⁠


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