• Kristin Anne

The Gate 10 - Gate of self-Love

“Human Design is a collection of cross-cultural, ancient and modern archetypes. An archetype is a pattern of thought or symbolic image that is derived from the past collective experience of humanity. The colored in or Defined elements in your Human Design BodyGraph tell you which archetypes you are more likely to explore and learn from in this lifetime." ⁠⠀


For example, looking at the Gate 10. This Gate is activated in your BodyGraph if it’s black, red or black & red. ⁠⠀


People with the Gate 10 Defined explore the archetype of Self-Love [ consistently ] over the course of their lives. (Remember we all have all of the Chart). ⁠⠀


"Self-Love is an archetype, a potential expression that has a wide spectrum of potential manifestations. You can manifest the high expression of the Gate 10 as someone who genuinely loves and accepts yourself for Who You Are and someone who empowers others by being the highest expression of self-love and acceptance. ⁠⠀


Or, you can manifest the low experience of the Gate 10 and be a blaming person who feels like everything is everyone else’s fault and feeling deeply that no one love you.”⁠⠀


Both expressions are two sides of the same coin. Because an archetype is a pattern of thought or symbolic image that is derived from your past experiences, thoughts, beliefs and even your genetics, it take awareness and deliberate action to live the highest potential (optimal expression) of your Design. ⁠⠀



Source: 2019 HD Evolution Guide, by Karen Parker


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