• Kristin Anne

The Defined Head Center

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The Defined Head Center is colored in yellow. Because the energy in the Defined Head Center is always “on”, people with Defined Head Centers are inspirational forces on the planet. They’re always radiating inspiration out into the world and may not even be aware of it because it’s happening energetically, but it’s happening. ⁠⠀


Defined Head Centers have a consistent source of inspiration. The are always asking questions and may feel like something’s wrong, feel confusion or struggle to know what to do if they don’t have the answers. ⁠⠀


Inspiration is a reflective process, it’s important to process the questions you are receiving, but DON’T rely on the answers to make decisions about your life, follow your Strategy! ⁠⠀


Oftentimes people with Defined Head Centers don’t realize that they’re even questioning things. They may even have a permanent quizzical look on their face, it’s simply a part of their consistent energy.⁠⠀


✨Affirmation for your Defined Head: “I am inspired and inspiring. I spread inspiration everywhere I go and I share my ideas and inspirations with others according to my Strategy.”⁠

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