• Kristin Anne

The Human Blueprint

I’m wondering what comes to your mind when you see this picture, the BodyGraph of our Human Design, the Human Being blueprint? ⁠⠀


Just stare at it for a moment. Do you feel anything in your body? Do specific questions come to your mind? Are you curious how this relates specifically to you and your life? ⁠⠀


I wonder about the time when HD becomes mainstream common knowledge if you’ll remember you heard about it in its early stages? (The modalities of Yoga, Reiki and EFT were once new too, just to name a few.) ⁠⠀


We’ve been given a great gift, an invaluable insight into what it means to embody this form as a Soul and live out a specific life story. ⁠⠀


This blueprint shows us every archetypal theme of what it means to be a Human Being. It shows us our potential, provides answers to our longing questions and gives us full permission to step into our Truth, to live a life unmasked in the realness, unapologetically authentic expressions of our Divine essence and innate nature.⁠⠀


It’s so easy to stay hidden, live small and believe we are what we are not, but living in that misalignment literally sucks the life and energy from you and manifests itself as pain. You can only deny your Truth for so long.⁠⠀


The world needs you, all of you, healed and whole, living in alignment with the fullness of your power, fulfilling your purpose of Being Who You Are, that is your gift, your purpose and your contribution to the Collective. ✨❤️


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