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The Initiator

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Initiators are the cosmically initiating force on the planet through their connection to the Divine. They are here to get the ball rolling and move onto the next thing. ⁠⠀


Initiators have tremendous initiating power, they can start off projects and act independently. Society as a whole has been taught and conditioned to just go out and “do it” or “make it happen”, but this type of independent action is exclusive to the Initiator, 9% of the population.⁠⠀


Initiators have an Undefined/Open Sacral and therefore, they don’t have sustainable energy and are not here to work in a traditional way or the same way as the Alchemists and Time Benders. Properly channeled Initiator energy give the other four Types something to respond to.⁠⠀


Many Initiator’s struggle to learn how to use their power appropriately and may have been conditioned to hide their power or suppress their initiation energy since they were small children. ⁠⠀


To eliminate the resistance from those around you, you need to inform the people who will be affected by your actions before you act. This simple act of informing builds trust and paves the way for you to move freely and without resistance.⁠⠀


Quantum Purpose: To initiate people into the frequency of transformation and creativity through direct access to the Quantum Pulse. ⁠⠀


Strategy: Inform others before taking action ⁠⠀


Emotional Theme: Anger-due to creative disruption. They naturally have an internal non-verbal creative flow. ⁠⠀


Potential Challenges: Reclaiming and living in your power and being patience when things seem to not be moving fast enough.

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