• Kristin Anne

The Open/Undefined Ajna Center

Someone with an Open/Undefined Ajna Center can see many sides to an issue. They are fair, judicious, empathetic, open-minded and can be very intellectual.⁠⠀


An Open/Undefined Ajna doesn't have a fixed way of thinking, so they are able to process and understand information in a myriad of ways. People with an Open/Undefined Ajna, who are able to relax, can become great mind readers.⁠⠀


Because the Open/Undefined Ajna is designed to take in infor­mation and ideas and see all the different layers and levels of understanding, it can be a challenge to "lock on to" a fixed idea or belief. With great effort people with Open/Undefined Ajna’s can hold a fixed idea, but it doesn't come easily or naturally.⁠⠀


You may have been told that you need to just make up your mind about something and stick to it. Remember that you are here to be wise about ideas and beliefs, but not necessarily adopt them. The beliefs that you hold on to will be the ones you came to through using your Human Design Strategy and Authority.⁠⠀


Question to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Ajna): “Am I struggling with making up my mind or feeling confident in my decisions? Am I trying to convince others and myself that I am certain?”⁠⠀


Affirmation for your Open Ajna: ”I am wise about information and beliefs. My gift is that I can see many sides of an issue and have many different understandings that are fluid and that change all the time. I don’t have to make up my mind. I always write down the things I want to remember.”⁠

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