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The Open/Undefined Head Center

Someone with an Open/Undefined Head Center does not have a consistent way to receive inspiration, so when they come across inspiration they will take it in and amplify it. It's very easy when you have an Open/Undefined Head Center to feel inspired all the time. Not only do you feel inspired, but you also feel pressure to act on this inspiration.⁠⠀


Those who understand their Open/Undefined Head Center can have a very deep understanding of who and what is truly inspiring. They can be wise about which inspirations to take action on and which to simply observe. ⁠⠀


Not only will someone with an Open/Undefined Head Center have the ability to take in the inspiration of the world and amplify it, but they'll also take in all the questions of the world and amplify those too.⁠⠀


Remember, you do not need to answer any of the questions. The only thing you really need to do to make good decisions is to follow your Strategy!⁠⠀


The purpose is not to try and figure things out, it’s to use the power of your daydreams and imagination, your creative thinking, to stimulate emotional energy. That emotional energy in turn calibrates your Heart Center and the electromagnetic resonance field of the heart creates a vibrational frequency that attracts into your life things that match that particular frequency of creativity.⁠⠀


Calibrating emotional energy and using the power of your thoughts maintains and sustains a high quality emotional frequency of energy to support you in creating what you want in your life.⁠⠀


✨Question to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Head): “Am I under pressure to answer other people’s questions and live out their ideas and inspirations?”⁠⠀


✨Affirmation for your Open/Undefined Head: “I am deeply inspired all the time. I am wise about what is truly inspiring. I follow my Strategy to help me decide what I need to do. The questions in my head are from others. I don’t have to answer all of them. Only the ones that truly excite me!“⁠


Karen Curry Parker ❤️


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