• Kristin Anne

The Open/Undefined Root Center

If the square at the bottom of your BodyGraph is white, then you have an Open/Undefined Root Center. It takes in adrenaline energy from others and amplifies it.⠀

Someone with an Open/Undefined Root might enjoy the rush of being in front of a crowd or other adrenaline-charged experiences, such as skydiving or bungee jumping. More simply, they may opt for safer adrenaline fixes, such as caffeine or chocolate.⠀

Because this is a Pressure Center people can sometimes feel that they are under pressure to be free. Meaning, people who process energy this way have a hard time relaxing or playing unless all their work is done. They will feel such pressure to get things done that they don't ever allow themselves time to recharge their batteries. Eventually, they can become so drained that they are ineffective at work.⠀

Sometimes, the energy taken in the Open/Undefined Root Center might be too much for a person, and they may suffer from stress or a panic disorder. People can have dif­ferent levels of sensitivity in their Open/Undefined Centers.⠀

The truth of the Open/Undefined Root is that the work is never done. If you give an individual with an Open/Undefined Root a job to do, they will do it very quickly in order to get out from under the pressure of having to get it done.⠀

Naturally, we tend to assign these people more work because the more work you give them, the more pressure they have to get it done, and the more they do. It can be a never-ending cycle. That's why it's crucial to realize that the Open/Undefined Root Center is just an energy center and you don't have to be a victim to that energy.⠀

Question to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Root): “Am I always in a rush to get things done so I can be free of pressure?”⠀

Affirmation for your Open/Undefined Root: ”I set realistic goals. I make powerful decisions about being free and know that things will get done when they get done. I use pressure to create more energy and at the end of the day, I rest and relax even if my “to-do” list is long. I make decisions according to my HD Strategy even if I feel pressure. I breathe and relax knowing there is an abundance of time to get things done.”

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