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The Open/Undefined Sacral Center

When you have an Open/Undefined Sacral Center, you have the ability to take in and amplify work force and life force energies for short periods of time.⁠⠀


This means that in short bursts, people with Open/Undefined Sacral's can work as hard as or even harder than those who have Defined Sacral's. But remember the key word in understanding the energy of the Sacral is sustainability and a person with an Open/Undefined Sacral Center cannot maintain a high level of energy for a prolonged period of time without really burning themselves out. ⁠⠀


If you have an Open Sacral Center, you are not here to work a Monday-Friday, 9-to-5 job. And for most people hearing that they are not designed to work in the traditional sense is a great relief! You will probably do best finding a way to work that has some level of flexibility built into it. There are a lot of Non-Sacral people who, at around 40 years old, have literally fried their circuits. ⁠⠀


Because sustainability is such an important factor in a Non-Sacral being, it's important for you to always ask yourself if you are doing more than enough and to help yourself recognize when enough is enough. ⁠⠀

⁠Collectively, we have a lot of beliefs about the value and importance of work. A Non-Sacral being does not have the energy for sustainable labor. Because of this, many Non-Sacral beings get a lot of judgment from others about being lazy or incapable. But Non-Sacral beings have their own wisdom and energy to add to the planet. They just work differently. ⁠⠀


As a Non-Sacral person, you need alone time to discharge the excess Sacral energy from your system. Both alone time and adequate sleep are crucial for you to stay healthy.⁠⠀


Question to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Sacral): “Do I know when enough is enough?"⁠⠀


Affirmation for your Open/Undefined Sacral: ”I am not here to work in the traditional way. I can work hard in short bursts and then I need alone time to discharge the extra energy I carry. I recognize that my energy is mutable and I take care of myself and let go of the expectations of others. I am very powerful when I am using my energy correctly.”⁠⠀



Karen Curry Parker


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