• Kristin Anne

The Open/Undefined Throat Center

People with an Open/Undefined Throat always feel under pressure to speak. When they are in a group or in school this can be very difficult. The Open/Undefined Throat often blurts out comments or answers—sometimes uncontrollably, unaware of where the comment came from (this is even worse if your Ajna is also Open/Undefined).⁠⠀


There is, however, deep wisdom in the Open/Undefined Throat. Many great sing­ers (like Celine Dion) and well-known speakers (like Oprah Winfrey) have Open/Undefined Throat Centers. Someone with an Open/Undefined Throat can speak in vari­ous ways depending on who they are with. They can be very good at speaking foreign languages and impersonating others’ speech.⁠⠀


In order for the Open/Undefined Throat and the thyroid to remain healthy, it is important to speak according to your Strategy. Try experimenting with not talking, don't say a thing unless you're given something to respond to or you are invited into a conversation. If you are silent, your aura does the talking! Just wait and see. People won't be able to stop themselves from talking to you!⁠⠀


Question to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Throat): “Am I trying to get attention so that I can be heard?”⁠⠀


Affirmation for your Open/Undefined Throat: ”My words are heard best when I am invited to speak. I save my words for people who truly desire to hear my point of view and insights. I wait for the right people to ask me and value my words.”

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