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The Open/Undefined Will Center

When you have an Open/Undefined Will Center, it's crucial that you use your Strategy to make agreements and promises. If you don't, you'll be using energy you don't have and run the risk of entering into the wrong situations and feeling obligated to make yourself follow through. And you might miss the right opportunity, because you'll be busy forcing yourself to do something you really don't want to do.⁠⠀


Because the Will Center is also all about value and the material plane, it's also very common that you may have a tendency to undervalue your­self. It's common for people with Open Will Centers to undercharge for their business services or even give their services away for free.⁠⠀


Remember that the Open Centers are our deepest sources of wisdom. The Open/Undefined Will Center can help you become very wise about what is truly valuable in life. You may, with time and experience, become very wise about what you are worth, both in the area of business and in your per­sonal life. You may also become wise about knowing when it's time to work and when it's time to rest.⁠⠀


You might be wondering, if I don't have willpower, how will I get things done? You can and do get things done, but you have to enter into each of your commitments according to the Strategy for your Type.⁠⠀


When you have an Open Will Center, it's very important for you to understand that following your Strategy may save your life. We're all conditioned to believe that we have willpower. We are the "just do it" society. And, of course, if we force ourselves to "just do it" outside our Strategies, we fail and end up feeling lousy and burned out.⁠⠀


Questions to ask yourself (Open/Undefined Will): “Do I feel like I have something to prove? Am I questioning my worth? Am I under-valuing myself?”⁠⠀


Affirmation for your Open/Undefined Will: ”I enter into all agreements according to my Human Design Strategy. I make promises and commitments very carefully and deliberately, and only according to my Strategy. I have nothing to prove and I value myself deeply. I fearlessly ask to be paid what I am worth.”⁠⠀



Karen Curry Parker


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