• Kristin Anne

The Planets

The planetary movements, the celestial weather, is an additional influence we experience each day whether we realize or are aware this is happening, it is. ⁠⠀


I grew up without giving any regard or thought to the planets at all, ever. And now I think about them every single day. It’s like I have a lifetime of catching up to learn what I wished I would have been learning all along. But it’s never too late and as a lifelong seeker and learner I know and love that I will be, in some capacity, a forever student of life while I’m in form. ⁠⠀


The planets are a big deal and a reminder that there is always more going on than what meets our eyes. Of course in our Human Design we see that the location of these celestial bodies at the time of our birth, and approximately three months prior to our birth, is what activates the Gates in our BodyGraph and determines our definition in our Design. Each planet influences or ‘flavors’ how we experience our definition. ⁠⠀


The planets indicate intention, the journey of our Soul and the path of our Life Story in this incarnation. Remember that we all have all of the Chart, so even if something isn’t defined in your Design all the time, the movement of the planets (and being around other people) will give us all an opportunity to experience all of the energy archetypes in the BodyGraph. ⁠⠀


Sometimes that energetic influence moves quickly from the Moon and sometimes we experience it for years from Pluto and the other slower moving planets. There’s always much more going on than we may realize in any given moment. The entirety of the vastness of the Cosmos is at play in our lives every single day.⁠⠀


May you slow down long enough to stop and look up and take it all in.

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