• Kristin Anne

The Transits

Throughout the course of a calendar year, the Sun moves through all 64 of the Human Design Gates. The Gates contain the energy code for 64 core Human archetypes. ⁠⠀


As the Sun moves through the Gates (archetypes), it lights up or activates that theme for everyone on the planet who doesn’t have that Gate already Defined or activated in their Design, and it creates a theme for the week. ⁠⠀


All of us deal with these weekly themes even if it doesn’t impact your specific Design in a deep way, it’ll still be impacting and influencing the people around you. ⁠⠀


The gift that the transits provides us with is an opportunity to experience and work deliberately with all of the 64 core Human archetypes and to consciously focus on living out the highest or optimal expressions of these energies in our day to day life. We all have all of the Chart. The transits activating Gates we don’t already have Defined in our Design allows us to experience all of the archetypes at one point or another throughout the year.⁠⠀


Being around other people will allow us to have a smilier experience. Individually we’re all a part of a greater whole. We can become completely ‘Defined’ when we get together with other people. We each bring pieces and parts that energetically unify us all and offers us the opportunity to express all of the Human experience. ⁠⠀


We are One. ✨❤️☀️

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