• Kristin Anne

What is an Archetype?

Everything in the Human Design Chart represents an archetypal energy that you can express in an infinite number of ways. The expression of each element in your Design is operating on a “spectrum” or a sliding scale. It has a high end, a low end, and the space between the high and low end. ⁠⠀


Energy archetypes in and of themselves are neutral, we give them meaning through the expression of our unique stories. Once you understand your Definition, what you feel and experience on a consistent basis and radiate out into the world, you gain more control over where on the “spectrum” you choose to express yourself. This awareness allows you to start living out the highest or optimal expression of your potential and your most Authentic Self.⁠⠀


When you understand your energy, the themes you experience individually and in your relationships, it helps you break old patterns, habits and cycles, and truly live an authentic, fulfilling life as your magnificent and unmasked Authentic Self.⁠⠀


If what you realize or discover in your Design doesn’t resonate with you that may be due to multiple factors such as, the complete truth of Who You Are may not be in your awareness because:⁠⠀


• it’s covered by layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs⁠⠀

• you're living far off your Chart⁠⠀

• you’re living in a space of expressing the low end or shadow side of the spectrum⁠⠀


The good news is you can course correct and come into alignment at any time, it’s never too late. All the detours have a purpose if you choose to see that perspective.


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