• Kristin Anne

What’s going on inside your head?

We get to choose where we live on the energy spectrum. What you radiate is up to you. ⁠⠀


Do you live in...⁠⠀

- Low expression or Highest expression ⁠⠀

- Lack or Abundance ⁠⠀

- Limiting Beliefs or Infinite Possibilities ⁠⠀

- Deficiency or Wholeness ⁠⠀

- Contraction or Expansion ⁠⠀


Kyle Cease says, “it’s not ‘when something happens, I’ll be happy.’ It’s ‘when I’m happy, things will happen.”⁠⠀


Let’s stop reaching for things outside of ourselves because everything that we need and want we already are....it just might not be visible to our awareness yet. ⁠⠀


You are abundance, you are joy, you are peace, you are Love, you are powerful, you are blessed, you are invaluable...if we can’t see these this about ourselves now we never will see it or believe it.⁠⠀


If you think having “things” (money, status, relationships, career) will give any of this to you, then it can just as easily be taken away and then you live in a world where things determine your power and identity and nothing is ever stable. ⁠⠀

You are abundance, doesn’t matter what the number is on your bank statement. You are Love, doesn’t matter if you’re single. You are invaluable, doesn’t matter the number of followers you have on IG. ⁠⠀


What kind of thoughts do you have about yourself? What’s going on inside your head? ⁠⠀


Matt Kahn says, if you wouldn’t say it to a 5 year old child you shouldn’t say it to yourself (or to anyone else for that matter) and Kyle Cease puts it this way, the voice inside our head is our inner child and that if we’re constantly putting ourselves down that is child abuse. ⁠⠀


You have to remember that the way you talk to yourself is imperative to creating the life you want and eliminating the boundaries you create.⁠⠀


Leave me a ❤️ in the comments if you know the way in which we talk to ourself matters a lot.


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