• Kristin Anne

You are Powerful

We are all so different and unique, no two charts are exactly the same (with the exception of identical twins), but the one thing we all have in common is how Magnificently and Infinitely Powerful we are.

I will often ask clients what does the word power or powerful mean to them? Or what comes to mind when they think of the word power/powerful?

I’m always fascinated by their responses and how they vary considerably. It’s no surprise because we have such varied experiences, influences and upbringings.

So for the sake of you being on the same page as me, I just wanted to share with you what I think of and what I mean when I talk about how flipping POWERFUL you are!

The power you are is not the Ego Self, this is the infinite power of your Soul that I speak of, this transcends the Ego. You are the entire Universe wrapped in skin. This is the power of the your true essence as the expansive, radiant, bright and brilliant Light Being in manifested form, in this vehicle we call the body. ⁠

This is power like the freaking Sun, which just by being itself gives us sustainable life on the planet. We can’t even look directly at the Sun because of the magnitude of its power and brightness, and yet it doesn’t hold back, it rises and sets each day, fully and wholly being the fullest expression of itself in all its glorious Power and Light.

Understanding Who You are empowers you to come into your fullness and power once and for all. ⁠

Would you tell the Sun to stop shining so bright? To dial it back and not be what it was created to be or do what it was created to do? You are more powerful, brighter and more expansive than the Sun.⁠

You have been this powerful all along, it just may not be in your awareness yet. It may still seem a little fuzzy, a little hard to see and believe, but the more you learn your Truth (Design) the more you will become it. ⁠

This power you possess, the power that you are, that you’ve been holding back from fully embracing because you simply didn’t know, it’s time to let it out, it’s time to shine. ⁠

Oh sweet Soul, may you be like the Sun. May you rise each day and live in the fullness of your expansive Power and Light.✨

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