• Kristin Anne

You’re a Vital Piece of the Humanity Puzzle

Something to keep in mind when you’re scrolling through this Made to Love space.⁠⠀


The things I share and post about in regard to Design are pieces, fragments, little bits taken out of the big picture or out of context in order to break it down, in order to peel back one layer at a time and simplify it, but please keep in mind that these pieces are just that, pieces. ⁠⠀


They make complete and full sense when you put them all together into the full synthesis of your individual and unique Chart. ⁠⠀


You can have similarities and resonate with the pieces, but it can still look a bit like a fragmented picture because no one has your exact Design configuration and there are a lot of pieces, parts, and layers to consider when reading and understanding your Design as a whole. ⁠⠀


This is why my most favorite thing to do is have a 1:1 reading with you so we can dive deep into the heart of your Chart and I can synthesize all of the pieces for you and you can really start to see your story unfold through the repeating themes throughout your Chart and the integration of your Life and Soul purpose and all the other beautiful layers; even the conundrums, which we all have, the inner conflicting energies that are the catalyst for growth and evolution on a Soul level.⁠⠀


And if you’re new to this Made to Love space I would like to welcome you with a great big bear hug 🐻❤️(I’m a hugger) and to my friends who have been here awhile I would also like to give you a great big bear hug (because you can never have too many hugs). Thank you to each one of you sweet and precious Souls for being here, it means a lot⁠, and I love you! ❤️✨


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