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Learning Your Human Design

The whole point of learning your Human Design⁠:⠀


1️⃣ It's about learning and understanding yourself on an energetic level so that you can come into alignment with what’s energetically correct for you and live out the highest expression of that Truth. ⁠⠀


2️⃣ It’s to teach you to Trust Yourself. ⁠⠀


At this point there are a lot of people teaching Design and it has mutated since its inception. If you encounter anything in the information or anything from a Teacher who is presenting the information and you’re inner-authority / or whatever your Authority is goes unh-uh or nope, then don’t listen to them and listen to yourself. That’s the goal. ⁠⠀


The end goal of you learning about Human Design and understanding your specific and unique Design is for you to go, “What’s correct for me?” "What choices and decisions keep me in alignment with what’s correct for me and feels right and good to me?" ⁠⠀


Because when you’re living out the fullest expression of what’s correct for you then you’re taking your perfect place as the vital piece that you are in the puzzle of humanity.


If you’re out there trying to follow through on something a Teacher said and taking that as absolute and correct for you, that’s defeating the whole point. It has to feel right for you, it has to be right for you, you are the only one who knows what that is. ⁠⠀


You’re the boss of you. ⁠⠀


And if you’re still not positive, ask for a sign (or 3) from the Angels or the Universe, they always have your back and I do too! You’re not alone, we can do this together!

Request your Free Human Design Chart

Understand who you are and who you are born to be. Your chart will identify your type, gates, channels, and lines so you can find out your life purpose, design and direction.

This free chart is courtesy of Understanding Human Design.

*In order to run an accurate Chart, you'll need to know your

birth date, birth place & exact time of birth.

Request your Free Human Design Basics Ebook

Your Quantum Human Design Basics Ebook includes an introduction to the Human Design Basics including an overview of:

• The HD Chart & BodyGraph

• Type, Strategy & Not-Self

• Authority

• The Nine Centers

• Channels & Gates

• Lines, Profiles & Incarnation Crosses

If you’d like to dive deeper into Design and connect with like-minded people, you are invited to join the Understanding Human Design Community founded by Karen Parker.

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