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Human Design is unlike any modality, test or assessment that exists in regards to giving us more insight, depth and knowledge into Who We Truly Are. This synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science provides you with a map, a schematic, of your unique energetic configuration. 


Human Design shows you Who You Truly Are at the core of your Being. It will provide answers to burning lifelong questions and confirm all the things you’ve already discovered about yourself. Understanding who you were created to be and how you are intricately Designed enables you to start making decisions and living your life in alignment with your True and Authentic Self.

Your Human Design Chart is like an instruction manual from your Divine Self explaining to your Human Self how to relearn or remember how to be Divine.

Hi Sweet Soul! I’m Kristin. I am Made to Love, it’s what I do, it’s Who I Am. Everything I do, say and share is from the abundance and overflow of Love that just oozes out of me. For over 11 years I’ve been the person in people’s lives that I used to wish was in mine.


I’m also a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator in Traditional Design), Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner, Oracle Card Reader, partner to an amazing and supportive man, Momma of two precious fur babies and Soul Sister to an incredibleTribe. I’m here on the interwebs for those who need, want, or are waiting to be seen, for the ones who need a safe space to be their unmasked Authentic Self, who want help remembering Who They Are and who want love, encouragement, support and guidance in living their Life by Design. 

I’m here to help the Souls who want help remembering who they are so they can live out their Quantum Purpose, to live out the fullest and highest expression of the Truth of Who They Are, to assist in a story rewrite, and I’m here to do that one-on-one with you through the modality of Quantum Human Design. 


I’ve had a hell of a time getting to this space, to who I am today, to where I am today, it’s been painful and traumatic, but so purposeful and my personal healing/aligning journey has shown me nothing we go through is wasted and it’s not even for us, it’s for you to help someone else someday through the same thing. 


I have every reason and excuse to not put myself out in the world, open and vulnerable, but then I wouldn’t be living Authentically in the Truth of Who I Am. I keep going and keep showing up on the days it’d be easier to hold back and hide out because that’s what feels right, good and correct for me even though it’s not always the most comfortable. I’ve already rewritten my story and this is me living it out. 

Are you under-living your life and potential? What kind of story are you living out and who told it to you? Are you living from limiting beliefs and conditioning from generational storylines that have been passed down to you? 


You have the power and the ability to change all of it…starting today! 


We get to choose where on the spectrum we live out our energetic expression. Are you stuck in your shadow side living in guilt, shame and fear when you could be living out love, joy, and peace? 


I spent my whole life living out my shadow side and it’s part of the reason I’m so passionate about guiding, loving, supporting and encouraging you to live out your highest most optimal expression.  Out of all of the modalities I’ve learned about and personally used, nothing cuts through to the heart of the matter and provides profound insight and clarity like Design, which is why I’m here sharing it with you, why I pour all of my Heart and Soul, time and energy into it. 

I understand I’m not going to be for everyone, but I am for some one and if that’s you then I will always provide a safe space for us to connect and dive deep into the heart of your Design, so you can rewrite your story and start living out the fullest and highest expression of the Truth of Who You Are.

Those of us passionate about teaching and sharing Human Design feel that way for many different reasons and we each have individual intentions. My intention is not to be perfect and have all of the answers (if that’s what you want, I’m not your gal) my intention is Love.


Through the modality of Human Design I want to show you Who You Truly Are, what I see, so that you can come to see, know, understand and fall in love with yourself in an entirely knew way or maybe for the first time ever. 


Then this knowing, understanding, grace, compassion and love you have for yourself will transcend into an abundant overflow of understanding, grace, compassion and love for others and it’s transformative and life changing in the best of ways. 


If we want to change anything in this world it has to first start within, understanding how you are uniquely Designed is the first step to this beautiful process and magical journey your Soul is having in this Human experience. And you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why I’m here.

So whats next?

The Nexus Effect!

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