The Nexus Effect

A 1:1 Safe Space of Support

The Nexus Effect is a one-on-one confidential safe space, of support, connection and collaboration for clients and coaches, via the Voxer app. This space is where we partner together to dive deep into discussions about any and all things you wish to talk about or focus on.

Whether it’s for you personally or as a person who works with Clients and you’d like the support of another set of eyes, insights and perspectives about their Human Design Chart, we can discuss it all!  

This Space Provides You With:

• A safe place to be your Authentic Self, to express & discuss anything 

• An authentic presence to hold space for you and truly listen to you

• A guide and roadmap back home to the Heart and Truth of Who You Are

• A release of limiting beliefs and generational conditioning 

• A conscious awareness of what energy is actually yours and how to live in alignment 

• Insights, ideas & education about your unique energetic blueprint

• A sweet remembrance or discovery of your Life & Soul Purpose

• An imbedded and indestructible baseline frequency of Faith

• Feeling deeply loved, accepted, seen and supported just as you are

• Practical ways to keep yourself oriented and anchored to your Truth (no matter how crazy, scary or disrupted life gets)

• The opportunity to fall in love with Who You Truly Are on a deeper level or perhaps for the first time ever

• The confidence to stand firmly & unapologetically rooted, grounded & planted in your Truth

• An understanding, application & integration of the Nexus (linking point & connection) between the Spiritual & Human experience

• Access to my lifetime compilation of resources and/or connections (and as a 4th line I have a treasure chest 😉)

You Will Experience: The Nexus Effect

The Nexus is a linking or central point. It serves as a hub of connection and collaboration that allows us to freely experience our Spirituality (the Soul's journey) and our Human experience so we can live fully integrated as One.

Together we will: 

• improve clarity of thought 

• increase inner-strength 

• live with more purposeful intention 

• have greater awareness over every area of life 

The Nexus Effect is a Collective outcome.

It’s when Leaders come together and span boundaries that are above and beyond what each individual could achieve on their own.

Let’s get voxing!


Whats Next?

Just submit your donation and then I will send you an email with my Voxer username so we can instantly connect. 


Donation of $111.11 per 60 minutes of Vox time

(60 minute minimum, no strings attached, stop at anytime)

I’ve used the Voxer app to communicate with family, friends, clients and coaches for the past seven years.

The app is available on desktop and for your smartphone. Click on the app image to learn more.


After experiencing the Nexus Effect with Kristin, I finally began to honor my uniqueness and embrace my true self.


The space Kristin offers for you to express your experiences, feelings, and sift through your reality without any judgement or shame is the sacred soil for true transformation. I felt like for the first time in my life that I learned about myself in a way that actually felt supportive and true—and received the grace and encouragement to embrace these parts of myself. 


Using this audio app as a tool, I felt comfort and safety in knowing that I could share whatever needed to be expressed, and listen and receive at my own pace and the timing that was right for me. There is something powerful that happens when we let ourselves be heard. When we excavate the expression we shove away out of fear that no one wants to listen to us, we bring our true voice to life. There is a lot of energy that moves when we let our pain out, when we give our confusion and emotions a place to be—out of our body. There is also a lot of power that returns to us when we speak our inspiration, our heart and soul, our divinity out into the universe. This alone is healing. We learn how to hear our own heart. We remember our innocent nature. We need this shameless space to return to ourselves and let it be messy, imperfect, and met with grace and compassion, along with intelligent Human Design guidance. 


Kristin has a beautiful intuitive gift at hearing people’s experiences and meeting them with the love they need, while also offering them the Human Design wisdom that can transform their confusion into clarity. Regret into remembrance. Pain into purpose. Human design helps you see your perfection—the beautiful way you were designed and equipped with all you need to face your life experience and merge with your Soul.


Kristin gently guides you along this journey, and loves you every step of the way. The clarity and connections that come from learning about your true essence is an invaluable gift of a lifetime. When combined with the vocalization power of this audio app, weekly meet-ups, and heart of Kristin, you see how powerful you truly are. As you learn about the differences and depth to your HD chart, you reawaken to the brilliance inside of you and pain begins to repurpose itself. Your life no longer holds a grip of fear, confusion, and loneliness as you discover the unique energies that exist within you, and how to merge into them authentically and lovingly. 


Through Made to Love HD, Living Life by Design learning / Kristin Anne Amazement, I see how I am Made to Love and I Love Me.


Brittany Kurp.JPG

Kristin is so amazingly knowledgeable in all things Human Design! She took something that I found to be very complex and complicated into something much easier to understand! All the information I received from Kristin resonated within me greatly!

I really loved my experience with Kristin.  She's got a big heart and she genuinely wants to help you discover what makes you so special, which we need more of in the world!  Her opt-in was the thing the piqued my initial curiosity.  I loved it because you receive some initial insights on your own personal Human Design, which really starts to give you some context and pulls it all together.  I feel like reading about aspects of your HD in bit + pieces here and there, you'll never have the full picture.  Her reading was chalked full of insights and talking to her was a pleasure.  I could have talked with her forever.  I found it all super interesting, empowering + validating.  So good!

jedge-12 2.JPG

Just WOW!! Kristin and her knowledge of Human Design has assisted in learning my True Self. This new awareness is helping me with better decision making and clearer communication.  Highly recommend!!


Working with Kristin has forever shifted my perspective of who I am. Kristin has a natural way of helping people see who they truly are, and loves and supports them unconditionally until they begin to genuinely embed this belief into their own being. It is a gradual, sustainable transformation that I have felt take place inside of me because of the compassion, grace, and empathetic understanding that radiates from her soul. She uses Human Design to offer people an energetic blueprint of who they are.


This is a powerful, invaluable tool to the evolving Soul. It helps you understand the deep interplay of your energy, answers questions about conundrums and healing crises you may have been wrestling with for a lifetime, and awakens you to the true light of your potential and purpose.


In this process and with Kristin’s heartfelt guidance, you naturally fall in love with all of yourself as you begin to shed the belief that there is “something wrong with me” and see the perfection of what makes you uniquely you. With Kristin’s healing energy, all pieces and parts of you feel seen and heard as she offers you the loving space to sift through your experiences and loves you through the journey. Her presence along with her wisdom and application of Human Design naturally allows you to integrate the truth of  your essence.

Hannah Sawicky.jpg

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